ZetaFinder Analyzer - Undiluted Zeta Potential Data

Cost-Effective Zeta Potential Analyzer provides accurate data quickly and without the need for sample dilution, thus avoiding dilution artifacts and errors (Zeta potential can change drastically upon sample dilution).

Rugged, and Versatile. Gold-plated Zeta dip Probe can be used in sample cell or standalone containers

Automatic Titration for easiest IEP measurement

Onboard sample mixing and pumping for sample homogeneity during analysis, without particle settling.

Ideal for Lab and Plant use, R&D, QC and On-Line

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From the most-trusted name in Zeta Potential and Particle Sizing instrumentation for the last 30 years, the ZetaFinder Zeta potential analyzer performs undiluted Zeta potential measurements using the Electrokinetic Sonic Amplitude (ESA) technique invented and patented by Matec Applied Sciences. The ZetaFinder does not use optical means and can therefore analyze samples from low to high percent solids, opaque or translucent at any pH level. The ZetaFinder analyzes numerous materials at various conditions: aqueous, non-aqueous, opaque, viscous, nanoparticles, etc., at 0-14 pH, 0.1 to 60% vol % solids, 1 nanometer to 30 microns. Here are some of the many benefits the ZetaFinder offers:

  • Zeta measurements without sample dilution or sample preparation, thus eliminating operator errors, and data uncertainty while saving time.
  • Cost-effective Resonant hardware design.
  • Perfect for Nanoparticles and larger thanks to its wide particle size range capability: 1 nanometer to 30 microns.
  • Automatic/Unattended Potentiometric and Volumetric Titrations for easiest and fastest Iso-Electric Point (IEP) determination, Surfactant Adsorption Effects, and many other dynamic measurements.
  • No particle-settling adverse effects thanks to its onboard sample mixing and/or pumping capability during measurement.
  • Zeta dip sensor allows measurements in sample cell or standalone containers.
  • Rugged, suitable for most samples including nanoparticles, aqueous, non-aqueous, highly viscous, low-to-high percent solids (0.1 to 60% vol), and 0-14 pH among others.
  • Simultaneous pH, Conductivity, and Temperature measurements.
  • Free lifetime consulting with any of our Matec colloid experts, whether related to the ZetaFinder or any other colloid-science topic.

The figures below show examples of automatic, unattended potentiometric titrations of an alumina, and a titania sample. Their IEP locations are readily determined by the ZetaFinder instrument.